I’m not a gamer but I really want Razer’s smart glasses — for work

Razer‘s products are usually designed for gamers, and I, an Apple Arcade person, can’t claim to be one. I don’t sit on my gaming chair to fire up  a custom PC to play the latest titles with graphics settings at full blast.

However, the company’s latest product has piqued my interest, and I imagine I’m not alone: a pair of smart glasses. Before you jump the gun, no,it doesn’t show you a ton of information via Augmented Reality (AR), like Google Glass and the rest.

In terms of smart features, these glasses can connect to your phone or computer through Bluetooth. You can take voice or video calls through an in-built mic and speakers. You can also listen to music through these open-design speakers with 16 mm drivers. Plus, you can control tracks and activate voice assistants through a touch-enabled side panel.

I know these functions are available on a pair of headphones, but something about having them in your glasses is attractive.

The Razer smart glasses carrying case

Razer’s Anzu smartglasses can reduce harmful blue light by 35% to protect your eyes. As someone who uses multiple screens for extended hours of the day, I really appreciate this feature. Razer also provides replacement lenses that act as polarized sunglasses, so you can keep wearing them when you step outside.

Since it’s a Razer product, it has a gaming mode, where it enables low-latency audio, and you can chat with other players too. Since I don’t game much, I don’t care for this mode a lot.

Razer Anzu smart glasses in its rectangular avatar

For me, these glasses would come in handy at work, to reduce eye stress, and to take conference calls without worrying about plugging in headphones.

The company claims that the Anzu smart glasses could last up to 5 hours of active usage on a single charge, and two-weeks on stand-by when you fold them up.

Razer’s Anzu smart glasses are already up for sale in the US for $199. You can choose between round and a rectangle frame design, and I want the round ones, stat.

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Published March 5, 2021 — 06:43 UTC

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