Watch Toyota’s self-drifting car put Vin Diesel out of a job

Cars that drive themselves sound exciting. But they’re forever around the ever nearing proverbial corner of the future. Or in other words, we don’t have them. Engineers and developers are beavering away though to make them a reality.

One of the latest spawns of the self-driving skunk works comes with a sliver of insanity: it can DRIFFFFTT! That’s the excitement we need.

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The Toyota Research Institute has equipped a prototype race-ready Supra with all gubbins, so it can drive, and drift, itself. Sorry Vin Diesel, but we don’t need your cohort of Fast and Furious cronies anymore, cars can drift themselves.

Check it out in the video above from The Wheel Network on YouTube.

Ride or die.

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Published February 5, 2021 — 14:52 UTC

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