Genesis’ new trademarks hint at 6 upcoming electrified vehicles

It appears that luxury carmaker Genesis is getting closer to electrifying its entire vehicle lineup.

Over the weekend, motoring and EV outlets were in a buzz with the news that Genesis — the luxury offshoot of South Korean carmaker Hyundai — has trademarked six car names all suffixed by the letter “e,” showing the company is readying efforts to overhaul its lineup.

Early in the year, the company confirmed it has two electric crossovers in the works, but details on its incoming vehicles lineup remained scarce. However, with the news that its trademarked the names: G70e, G80e, G90e, GV70e, GV80e, and GV90e, it seems that it’s just simply making electrified versions of its current vehicles.

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With no new model names listed, it seems, the cars will be very similar to their combustion predecessors rather than entirely new models being released. Loyal fans of the brand are likely going to appreciate the consistency.

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Credit: Wikimedia CC
The Genesis G80, a luxury sedan made by South Korean carmaker Hyundai.

The letter “e” isn’t a guarantee of a full electric drivetrain, though. It might be a hint toward hybrid power systems, BMW’s hybrid tech goes by the name “eDrive,” for example.

This isn’t the first move Hyundai has made towards electrification.

Last year, the South Korean carmaker announced that it was turning the name of one of its most popular EVs, the Ioniq, into an entire brand of electric cars.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the Genesis too is pivoting to electrified vehicles.

HT – Motor1, Jalopnik

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Published February 1, 2021 — 07:46 UTC

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