If you want to work in the cloud, you need to know AWS. This training can get you on your way

If you want to work in the cloud, you need to know AWS. This training can get you on your way

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TLDR: The 2021 Amazon Web Services Certification Training Bundle explains everything it takes to build, run, and grow a cloud-based system on the AWS platform.

If you want to understand the true power of the Amazon Web Services platform, look no further than recent events. The upstart social media platform best known as the conservative answer to Twitter was riding high and winning converts — that is, until it ran afoul of AWS in the wake of this month’s U.S. Capitol insurrency attack.

Amazon booted the service off their platform for allowing unmoderated speech — and now, what was once a growing tech force is in serious jeopardy and may be finished.

With a full third of the global cloud market and a market share larger than its three biggest competitors combined, AWS is a force and definitely a platform any 21st century IT pro needs to know intimately. The 2021 Amazon Web Services Certification Training Bundle ($59.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) can make you that expert.

This deep dive into all things AWS includes four courses offered by Certs School.

With the AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training course, AWS newbies learn…well, the essentials. This introduction lays the groundwork for everything, beginning with familiarizing users with the tools available in the AWS environment.

That training escalates with AWS Solution Architect Certification Training, which delves further into how and why systems are built the way they are in the AWS cloud. This course also highlights Amazon’s best practices for designing, planning, and scaling their own AWS network.

In AWS Sysops Associate Certification Training, users take that planning even further with instruction on controlling data flow in and out of an AWS system, implementing cost controls, and even the best way for leveraging everything AWS has to offer more efficiently.

The package closes with a look at Puppet, a tool for automating IT infrastructure across an entire network. The Puppet Training Certification course gets into managing a Puppet-built network for scalability, redundancy, performance and more.

A $2,500 value, The 2021 Amazon Web Services Certification Bundle is now more than 90 percent off its regular price, down to only $59.99 while this deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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